WOMEN around the world are raiding their partners shaving kits for the current must-have beauty hack.

Like beauty fans across Australia, they're on the hunt for the best new primer cosmetics pattern, Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave balm, and are clearing store racks after rave evaluations from beauty blog writers and Kylie Jenner who shared the humble product to her 10 million Snapchat fans.

The lightweight balm with an apparent manly fragrance, which retails for less than $12, has actually been on the marketplace for 15 years and is selling out throughout Melbourne leaving empty racks in Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and supermarkets.

Nivea Men brand manager Guy Giovenco stated sales had increased considerably as beauty enthusiasts chose the hack. More expensive brand primers retail at up to $65.

We're doing our best to stay up to date with demand however individuals might find it hard to obtain in some areas, he said.

Nivea skin care expert Robyn Hutch states the secret to success is key ingredient glycerin. The balm doesn't consist of silicone which most makeup brand primers contain and can give the face a wax-feel finish.

Glycerin successfully acts as the glue that keeps makeup in place, she said.

The balm is also light and takes in quickly, enabling it to perform as a guide where we’ve seen it carry out much better than some high-end primers on the market.

Dutch beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials started the trend last year informing her 3 million You Tube subscribers she unearthed the product in her partner s bathroom cabinet after forgetting to bring her moisturizer and guide to his house.

She stated it kept her cosmetics flawless all day long without any shine and hailed it the primer that has actually altered my primer life.

Leading makeup artists Jo Smith and Laura Vazquez, who paint the faces of Home and Away's stars, have just recently added the shave balm to their sets.